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Reference: FOI-2021-02086


This is a request for data regarding the number of police officers charged and convicted of a criminal offence.

Can you please provide the number of officers charged with a criminal offence allegedly committed while they were a serving member of a police force over the last ten years, from January 1 2011, to April 1 2021.

The data should be broken down by month, and should include the offence said to have been committed, the officer’s rank, the force for which they worked, and whether the officer was convicted.

If possible, could the name of the convicted officer be included, as well as the date and court at which they were sentenced.

To avoid the request exceeding the permitted costs under the FOIA, please collect the data backwards starting from April 1, 2021. For example the FOI officer might take 19 hours to collect data from April 1, 2021, backwards to January 1, 2015. I would accept this dataset as a response.


Police Officers Charged And Convicted Of A Criminal Offence