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September 24, 2021 | HR Employment and Other

Reference: F-2021-01483


Request 1
Under the freedom of information Act I would like to ask the following questions in relation to the PSNI and their response to police officers suffering from the Covid19 virus and or related variants. Does the PSNI currently have policies and procedures in place to assist officers suffering from long covid19 and related variants?

Request 2
If a police officer has been diagnosed with long covid is it recorded as sick leave? Or is it recorded as special leave?

Request 3
In regards to probation officers, if a probation police officer has been diagnosed with long covid and or has been on sick leave due to a covid19 condition, will their probation period be extended?

Request 4
If a probation officer has had their probation period extended despite having suffered from long covid, how long will the probation period be extended by?

Request 5
If a probation officer has been diagnosed with long covid, and they return to work on light duties will that period on light duties result in their probation period being extended and if so for how long for?

Request 6
Has the PSNI got a policy in regards to long covid absences specifically for probationer officers?

Request 7
In regards to part-time police officers, if a POPT is diagnosed with long covid, can they be facilitated with light duties if they are physically unable to complete their normal duties?


Police Officers Covid19 And Or Related Variants