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Reference: F-2022-02943


During the last calendar years (2019-2021 and January 1st 2022, and 14th November 2022.

A. How many times have applications been made to the home office by PSA's (Pension Supervising Authority) for the forfeiture of part of the pension of a police officer, or former police officer who is, or was, a member of a police pension scheme? on behalf of the force who had:

a) been convicted of a criminal offense committed in connection with their service as a member of a
police force, and
b) the offense has been certified by the Secretary of State as either

i. liable to lead to a serious loss of confidence in the public service; or
ii. gravely injurious to the interests of the State.

B. How many applications were approved

C. How many applications were rejected

I want to know how many times the force has sought to take part of a police officer's pension following a criminal conviction. How many times they have sought to do it and how many times were they successful.