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Reference: FOI - 2022 - 01420


During the Calendar year 2021:

Request 1
How many times was police pre-charge bail granted by your force?

Request 2
How many of these were conditional and how many were unconditional?

Request 3
How many included a condition that the suspect would not be allowed to leave the country?

Request 4
With relation to those cases where the suspect was prohibited from leaving the country, in how many instances was a travel document (eg. passport, EU ID cards etc.) confiscated or withheld by your force as part of enforcing bail conditions?

Request 5
Please disclose any internal guidelines, operating procedures, or other documents that relate to how your force deals with travel documents that have been seized/confiscated in order to enforce/as part of bail conditions (e.g. notify HMPO/Border Force, foreign authorities or embassy if the passport is non-UK, etc.). Please note that this would exclude other cases where police might come into contact with travel documents (e.g. lost/stolen, found at crime scene etc.)

FOI - 2022 - 01420