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Reference: F-2020-01742


Request 1

All pictures, video, data or information relating to the Black Lives Matter protest since the 3rd of June. A copy of all operational order on the following protests and events: 1st June 2020 at write a square Black Lives Matter protest.

Request 2

3rd June 2020 at Belfast City Hall Black Lives Matter protest.

Request 3

6th June 2020 at Belfast Custom House Square & Derry Guildhall Square Black Lives Matter protest.

Request 4

10th June 2020 at Chinese Embassy protest Malone Road.

Request 5

13th June 2020 at Protect our Statues and War Memorials.

Request 6

11th July 2020 bonfires in Belfast and Londonderry/Derry.

Request 7

13th July – Parades and Bonfires.

Request 8

8 April - Francie McNally funeral East Tyrone.

Request 9

26th May - Republican Funeral - Ciaran Wiley.

Request 10

3rd July - Bobby Storey funeral.

Request 11

Can you also confirm how many police officers were on duty on each of those events funerals and protests?

Request 12

What role was each officer on duty performing at each protest or event mentioned above?

Request 13

What instructions did Gold Command issued to Silver Command on the day of all the events protests and funerals?

Request 14

What instructions did the police receive on each of the above mentioned events/incidence?

Request 15

What instructions did Gold Command issue to Silver, Silver to Bronze and to the police on the ground in the events numbered 1-10.

Request 16

BLM 6 June protest was done in conjunction with other protests throughout the world and was part of UK wide network of rallies including London, Manchester, Birmingham. Why did the PSNI behave differently from other UK police?

Request 17

A copy of all senior offices journal inputs relating to Black Lives Matter protests, Republican funerals and loyalist bonfires and parades and protests mentioned above 1-10.

Request 18

Why was the Public Order Enquire Team established in the same office as my spouse? Was this a deliberately attempt to shame and embarrass my wife and family.

Request 19

My interview was conducted at Musgrave police station, the place where my wife works. Why was this decision made, was this to bully and put pressure on me and my family or to embarrass my wife and cause stress and anxiety to her wife and family as a whole.

Request 20

The officer who interviewed me is my wife’s colleague whose wife works in the same department as my wife, was this deliberate attempt to cause my wife shame and embarrassment or was the PSNI actively bullying my family?

Request 21

The POET viewed video footage of me in the same office as my wife and had conversations about the BLM event in her presence.

Request 22

The PSNI picked on my friends and left out those who had political back up for example the minister of justice Naomi Long offering cover for some of the speakers who shared the platform with me. Some of the Derry speakers with political cover were not interview in same manner, can you explain why?


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