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September 21, 2021 | Organisational Information

Reference: FOI-2021-02483


Request 1

The current total number of Firearm Certificates held in Northern Ireland?

Request 2

The current total number of Registered Firearms Dealers in Northern Ireland?

Request 3

The current total number of Registered Shooting Clubs in Northern Ireland?

Request 4

The current total number of police staff employed in FEB broken down by employment grade and how many of these staff are employed as Firearms Enquiry Officers?

Request 5

The total number of “one off/one on” transactions carried out by Firearms Dealers and processed by FEB in the last five years?

Request 6

The current number of firearm related applications held by FEB, this number to include applications which have been assigned for processing and those which currently remain unassigned.


PSNI Firearms Branch