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Reference: FOI - 2022 - 01492


Request 1
As a follow up to this, can the PSNI now confirm if any of the people who have been identified in the attached document (response to F-2022-01385) are under investigation for any offences or misconduct?

Request 2
Have any been under investigation for committing offences/misconduct at any time in the past?

Request 3
If so, can you mention how many individuals were investigated, when incidents occurred and the nature of any/all incidents?

Request 4
If applicable, what is the current status of/what is the outcome of any/all the investigations?

Request 5
If applicable, can you also mention the rank/job title of any of those who were/are being investigated?

Request 6
Can you provide a breakdown of how many police officers there are in the PSNI?

Request 7
How many are employed in each Northern Ireland district?