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Reference: F-2022-02668


Request 1
The FOI request in relation to the spend of £11 million pounds on Rugged Laptops that do not operate in a range of areas in the province, no signals are obtained in Saintfield, Ballygomartin Road, Ligoneill, and throughout other counties, my request is: did the PSNI Procurement Team along with, I assume, your ICT Department carry out a full investigation of software and internet capability for the whole province before going ahead with the purchase of this very expensive equipment.

Request 2
What investigations and the length of trialling given to each of the manufacturers’ laptops, and the capabilities of each laptop prior to procurement and the main reason for the procurement of those purchased.

Request 3
What further developments are in place so that all the internet coverage within the whole of the province is being used to ensure that all officers are able to use the equipment that also includes their mobile phones?