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July 25, 2023 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2023-01700


Request 1
Following the NI budget being decided, when will PSNI next have a recruitment campaign for student officers?

Request 2
I note in previous answers you have stated in line with available budget and operational need, could you provide further explanation of what this means and also provide figures where possible?

Clarification Sought
Regarding your Request 2 can you clarify what FOI response(s) you are referring to please?

Clarification Received
Previous request F-2023-00167:
“The timing of our next Student Officer recruitment campaign will be determined by the available budget and operational demand.”

Request 3
What is the current operational demand?

Request 4
And has the available budget been confirmed?

Request 5
If so- what is the date of next student officer recruitment campaign?

Request 6
If not- when do you anticipate this information to be available?

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