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February 10, 2021 | Covid-19

Reference: F-2021-00907


Request 1

Generally, during the pandemic how have you recorded within the control room incoming reports relating to COVID -19 breaches?

Request 2

How did this recording practice manifest, either directly or indirectly, to reporting?

Request 3

Did your Force record reports of covid-19 rule infringements as ASB? 

Request 4

Did your Force use an existing category for Covid-19 rule infringement other than ASB? 

Request 5

Did you Force record reports of covid-19 rule infringements as another category that is reported to

Request 6

If you did use an alternate incident class such as ASB, did you apply any ’tagging’ system to capture the Covid infringements within recorded incidents?

Request 7

If you did use a tag what tag labels did you use?

Request 8

Did your Force create a new category for recording reports of covid-19 infringements?

Request 9

If so is this new category reportable to


Recording of COVID-19 Breaches