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Reference: F-2021-00008


Request 1

I would like to make a Freedom of Information request.

The request is in relation to officers sources of income outside of their police salary. Are serving police officers who earn money from whatever source outside of their salary (including monies from rental property owned or co-owned by them) required to declare such income and interests to the PSNI - "a register of interests/income".

Request 2

If such a “register of interests/income” is in place what actions does the PSNI take to ensure that serving officers declare such additional incomes from outside sources and pay all appropriate taxes?

Request 3

If no such “register of interests/income” exists please provide a rationale for this decision and whether the ruling of 2019 case involving Superintendent Murray has been considered in developing this rationale.

Request 4

Does the PSNI consider evasion of taxes to be acceptable behaviour by serving officers?

Request 5

If the PSNI does not consider evasion of taxes by serving officers to be unacceptable please provide
the rationale for this policy position.

Request 6

If the PSNI does consider tax evasion by serving officers as unacceptable please provide details of what actions are taken and what policies are in place to ensure that officers pay all appropriate taxes.

Request 7

If it becomes known that an officer has evaded tax, is not subject to a criminal prosecution, but has admitted the evasion and pays back taxes owed along with any financial penalty, will they be subject to PSNI disciplinary procedures?

Request 8

If the answer to question 7 is in the negative please provide a rationale/written guidance that relates to this decision.



Register of Interest and Income