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Reference: FOI - 2022 - 02268


Request 1
Can you confirm if <Name with Held> has been substantively promoted to the rank of Sergeant?

Request 2
In the current Sergeants process have any individuals received a posting offer that has been rejected and then received subsequent offers?

Request 3
Is <Name with Held> one of these individuals?

Request 4
Have any individuals in the current sergeants process been made an offer and successfully appealed the offer?

Request 5
I would like a copy of any successful grievances or appeals made in respect of offers made during the current Sergeant process.

Request 6
What were the grounds for the successful appeals(s)?

Request 7
Has anyone received a 2nd, 3rd or 4th offer after rejecting their first Sergeants offer?

Request 8
What are the names of these individuals?

Request 9
On what basis were subsequent offers made? ie what was the rationale for departing from the stated HR mandated promotion process?

Request 10
Who made this decision?

Request 11
I request any relevant documentation in respect of the decision making process including emails, notes, records of conversations that pertain to the decision making process.

Request 12
Is the current PSNI promotion policy still valid?

FOI - 2022 - 02268