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October 31, 2021 | Crime/Incident Statistics

Reference: F-2021-02691


The total number of sexual offences that were alleged to have taken place on school premises in your police force area where both the perpetrator and the victim are under 16 years of age.
For each offence I would like to know:

  •  The type of offence.
  •  The ages of the alleged perpetrators and victims.
  •  The location where the alleged offence happened (if known).
  •  How many of these alleged offences resulted in no further action (rather than going on to be charged)?

Please can I have the information from 1st January 2017 to 10th November 2021 (or the most recent incident). I ask for the information to be broken down into calendar years (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021).


Sexual Assault in Schools