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Reference: F-2021-0765


Request 1

I am seeking the total number of complaints of rape, sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct against police officers* and police staff*. I seek this in two categories which I would like to be separated in the response:

  • a) where the complainant is also a member of the police service, and
  • b) where the complainant is a member of the public.

Please provide figures for the past five years if possible, whether calendar or financial years [whichever way they are collated]. Please include the most recent figures available for the past 12 months, even if it is not complete.

[*For the avoidance of doubt, I request complaints made against officers, PCSOs, special constables, police staff and contractors to the force - either as direct employees or through employment agencies]

Request 2

For each case please state if possible:

  • The gender and rank or grade of the officer or staff member
  • The nature of the alleged offence and any context if possible [whether it be harassing emails, sending inappropriate text messages, rape, indecent assault, indecent images etc.].
  • The location where the alleged offence took place – i.e. custody suite, police station etc.
  • Whether the alleged misconduct took place on or off duty
  • The outcome of each investigation i.e. charges [please state where convicted and provide name of the officer if possible], suspension, whether referred to the IPCC, dismissed, suspended, resigned, transferred etc.

Request 3

In the case of a) where the complainant is a member of the police service, please state their gender and rank or grade [insofar as this is possible given identification issues]

Request 4

In the case of b) where the complainant is a member of the public, please state whether the complainant was a victim of crime, witness to crime, or other category


Sexual Misconduct Complaints