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September 28, 2022 | Finances

Reference: F-2022-00259


Thank you for your response, which states; “No available figures for 2015 and 2016 as PSNI joined in 2017. The total sum PSNI has paid to Stonewall since 2017 is £15,503. This is payment for goods and services”, and lists the following payments made to Stonewall by PSNI;
2017 - £2148
2018 - £3000
2019 - £3525
2020 - £3350
2021 - £3480
Could you kindly now provide the following further clarifications;

Request 1
Are the figures listed ex-vat or inclusive?

Request 2
Could you please provide a complete break-down of each year's total value, including any membership subscriptions ('Diversity Champions' scheme etc)

Request 3
For any component involving 'training', 'seminars' or 'conferences', please name the event, provide the 'ex-vat per-attendee' fee as well as number of delegates attending

Request 4
Also please list full details of any other component cost type, such as 'Programmes' (‘LGBT Leadership Programme’, ‘LGBT Role Model Programme’, ‘Ally/Trans Ally Programmes’, ‘Proud Employers’, ‘Train the Trainer’, or any other Stonewall scheme or Programme, any Donations, any money paid to Stonewall for Advertising, such as Job Adverts etc, and any ‘other spend’, such as on ‘rainbow laces’ or ‘rainbow lanyards’ etc.