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April 12, 2023 | Stop and Search

Reference: F-2023-00650


Request 1
Since the enactment of both The Terrorism Act 2000 and Justice & Security (NI) Act 2007 the police in the North of Ireland have been afforded the right to stop, detain, search and question individuals which has been deemed compatible with ECHR law.

As part of further research I am currently conducting I wish through the medium of the Freedom Information Act 2000 to obtain the following information from the Police Service. I therefore request to invoke my General Right of Access to public information which is currently not available in the public domain:

 How many Stop and Searches have been carried out by the Police re aforementioned Acts quoted above in the Police district of Derry and Strabane from the following dates?

 1st January 2021 though 1st February 2023

Stop and Searches in Derry & Strabane Police District