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September 30, 2022 | Investigations and Operations

Reference: F-2022-00721


I am writing under the Freedom of Information Act to request the below information regarding the use of strip searching by your police force - that is, involving the removal of more than just the suspect’s outer clothing. For each of the years 2021, 2020, 2019, please provide the below information:

Request 1
How many people have been strip searched in your police force area in each of the above years?
Please include:
a. the individual’s age (If you are unable to give exact ages, please use the following brackets: 1-10;
11-14; 15-17; 18+);
b. the sex of each of those searched; and
c. their ethnicity.

Request 2
Please indicate the outcome/result of that search (in terms of whether anything was found, whether action was taken, etc)

Request 3
Please indicate whether an appropriate adult was present during the search, and please indicate cases where an individual declined to have an appropriate adult present.

I would welcome any assistance on how to refine this request. Please send any queries or guidance, as well as the final information.