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September 29, 2022 | Organisational Information

Reference: F-2022-00778


Request 1

The service procedure number which details the wearing of uniform. Date of introduction and when next review is due.

Request 2

The instructions regarding to the standard of uniform to be worn by response personnel including neighbourhood officers.

Request 3

Occasions when the public should expect to see officers wearing forage caps.

Request 4

When the baseball cap head wear is acceptable.

Request 5

The wearing of jewellery, including the number of earrings deemed to be acceptable, (I've heard of upwards of five earrings being worn in each ear by officers, which I feel is excessive).

Request 6

The acceptable wearing of hair, what instructions are in place regarding long hair and the health and safety instructions of having long hair to prevent injury in any confrontation or public order scenario.

Request 7

Confirm if Sgt are the first line of enforcement of standards, and if uniformity of dress is required to be given at start of shift.

Request 8

The wearing of name badges, tietacs. poppies. Name badges do not appear to be worn by constables.