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November 03, 2022 | Investigations and Operations

Reference: F-2022-02333


Request 1
PSNI response to F-2016-00654 includes a copy of 'The Use of Close Circuit Television in Criminal Investigations.' Is this still the extant policy on use of CCTV in investigations?

Request 2
In section 2 on initial assessment of CCTV the policy states: "before seizing any CCTV equipment or footage investigating police must conduct an initial assessment of the data to establish is there is, or is likely to be, any evidence contained on it". Does this mean where there is no reason to believe there is or likely to be evidence that particular CCTV equipment or footage should not be sought? What is meant by 'likely'?

Request 3
Is there a review process to determine whether this assessment has been adequately complied with?

Request 4
Is the assessment used as the basis for access to footage in the third-party request under GDPR regulations?

Request 5
Is there a policy and/or procedure governing the use of CCTV in investigations where the cameras are directly operated by PSNI (particularly if it is public facing) and also CCTV operated by other public authorities e.g., local government.