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October 24, 2021 | Crime/Incident Statistics

Reference: FOI-2021-01194


Refinement from FOI-2020-00883
I previously submitted an FOI request (ATI Request FOI-2020-00883) which was denied due to excess cost of providing the requested data. I was advised to submit a follow up request for less granular data.
Therefore I would like to submit a Freedom of Information Request for the following information:

Please could you provide details of:

  • a) how many instances have been recorded by police of
  • b) how many people have been charged for

The following vice-related offences in Northern Ireland. Could I please have these numbers:

  1.  By year for the years 2005 to 2019 inclusive
  2.  By offence where the offences are:  
  • Loitering or Soliciting for Prostitution
  • Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation Causing
  • Inciting and Controlling Prostitution for Gain
  • Keeping a Brothel
  • Paying for Sexual Services


Vice Related Offences