Official Statistics

The Statistics & Registration Service Act 2007 was introduced on 1st April 2008 with the aim of enhancing levels of public confidence in official statistics. As a result the UK Statistics Authority was formed as an independent, non-ministerial government department directly accountable to Parliament. Its statutory objective is to promote and safeguard the production and publication of official statistics that serve the public good.

The provisions of the Statistics & Registration Service Act also apply to Northern Ireland as do the powers of the UK Statistics Authority. In January 2009 the UK Statistics Authority published the Code of Practice for Official Statistics, which was reviewed and replaced with the updated code in Febuary 2018.

The UK Statistics Authority will monitor the production and publication of official statistics in Northern Ireland and report any concerns to those responsible for them. Official Statistics which Northern Ireland Departments wish to see assigned as National Statistics will be assessed against the new Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

National Statistics

National Statistics stand for relevance, quality, integrity and freedom from political interference. They provide an up-to-date, comprehensive and meaningful description of the UK´s economy and society. National Statistics covers government data produced to the high professional principles and standards set out in the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

Official Statistics & PSNI

The Police Service of Northern Ireland is listed in The Official Statistics Order 2009 as a producer of official statistics and is therefore subject to the Statistics & Registration Act 2007. Statisticians from the Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency are seconded to the PSNI and are responsible for ensuring that the statistics they produce comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.

The PSNI currently has 3 National Statistics (assessed by the UK Statistics Authority in 2012 - Assessment Report No. 214).  The PSNI's recorded crime statistics were re-assessed in 2014 - Assessment Report No. 301. Quality reports, based around the nine dimensions of the European Statistical System quality framework, have been compiled for each of these National Statistics Outputs and are available below:

1. Police recorded crime and outcome statistics in Northern Ireland quality report (PDF, 293 KB)

2. Injury road traffic collision statistics for Northern Ireland quality report (PDF, 132 KB)

3. Statistics on the security situation in Northern Ireland quality report (PDF, 128 KB)

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User Consultation

Pillar 3 of the Code of Practice for Official Statistics relates to value and recommends a range of ways in which this can be achieved, including regular review of the usefulness of the statistics and public engagement. For this reason, PSNI publish information about users’ experiences of statistical services, data quality and the format and timing of reports. Any interaction with key users of PSNI statistics usually falls into one of the three groups highlighted below:

i)  Engagement with users through regular user group meetings or correspondence– these are held with key users throughout the year and normally involve PSNI statisticians and policy & statistical colleagues in other NI government departments or in other criminal justice agencies but do also involve external interest groups.

ii)  User Surveys – we regularly survey the key users of our statistics to ascertain what they think about the service they receive. The most recent User Survey was conducted in December 2018 and results have been summarised in the document below.

iii)  Consultation exercises regarding proposed changes to statistical outputs or processes – this is where a wide range of users are consulted by PSNI Statistics Branch in advance of any planned changes to the statistics we report on.

User Feedback

Comments and feedback from consultations with users, from the user satisfaction survey and from general feedback received are shown below. Any action taken or changes being considered as a result of this feedback are also outlined in these documents, which will be updated and reviewed on an ongoing basis.

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