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Each monthly bulletin includes current financial year figures which are provisional and subject to slight revision until the finalised figures for the full financial year are published.

Security Statistics

2017/18 Security Statistics - Previously published monthly bulletins

Period ending 31 January 2018 (published 9 February 2018)

Period ending 31 December 2017 (published 5 January 2018)

Period ending 31 November 2017 (published 8 December 2017)

Period ending 31 October 2017 (published 10 November 2017)

Period ending 30 September 2017 (published 6 October 2017)

Period ending 31 August 2017 (published 8 September 2017)

Period ending 31 July 2017 (published 11 August 2017)

Period ending 30 June 2017 (published 7 July 2017)

Period ending 31 May 2017 (published 9 June 2017)

Previously published annual bulletins

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