Strength of Police Service Statistics

The figures below are the actual strength figures (Full Time Equivalent - FTE) updated on the 1st April 2019.

Police Ranks Strength (FTE)
Chief Constable 1
Deputy Chief Constable 1
Assistant Chief Constable 5
Chief Superintendent 14
Superintendent 53
Chief Inspector 80
Inspector 340
Sergeant 959
Constable 5005
Student Officer 206
Total Police 6664
Constable Part-Time 271
Police Staff Analogous Grades Strength (FTE)
Grade 3 1
Grade 5 6
Grade 6 16
Grade 7 48
Deputy Principal 100
Staff Officer 242
Executive Officer 1 338
Executive Officer 2 331
Administrative Officer 977
Administrative Assistant 133
Industrial Grade 65
Total Police Staff (includes temporary workers) 2257

More Information

For information on officers and staff members perceived Community Background, please visit the workforce composition page.

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