Police Staff Recruitment

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) employs police staff with specific skills and knowledge to support their uniformed colleagues.  

Each member of the Police Service of Northern Ireland has a significant role to play in contributing to our purpose of Keeping People Safe, by Policing with the Community, to win the trust and confidence of the people we serve. We all contribute to the delivery of a service which is Visible, Accessible, Responsive and Community focused, whilst we demonstrate in our behaviours and interactions that we care, listen and act about what matters to the public, our partners and our staff.

All roles for police staff are advertised on our Current Vacancies Page.  In addition roles will be advertised in local press, online jobsites and social media.  Where the role is specialist it may also be advertised in specialist publications.

All advertisements will refer you to the Police Service of Northern Ireland webpage for further information and application pack.  Each information pack will consist of a:-

  • Candidate Booklet containing information and process guide to help you apply for the role.
  • Job Description of the role including, job outline, required criteria and pay and allowance summary.
  • Application form - Applicants will be asked to confirm and demonstrate that they meet our eligibility criteria by supplying as much relevant information possible, and to supply a number of personal details.
  • Equality Monitoring Form - Applicants will be asked to provide information to assist the PSNI in performing our duties under the Fair Employment and Treatment (NI) Order 1998.

Formal screening of application forms

Formal screening of application forms consists of a check to determine that the application form has been completed fully.


Shortlisting is carried out on the basis of the information contained in your application form. 

Assessment Centre

In some cases candidates may be required to attend an assessment. This may be in the form of an eligibility test, presentation, group assessment or any other form of assessment where appropriate. 


We require proof of qualifications if invited to Interview.  

Computer Literacy

Applicants are required to have a level of computer literacy, in order to effectively perform their role.

Additional requirement

If an applicant is successful following interview they will be required to pass all of the following stages in order to be considered for appointment:

Medical Standards and Disability Discrimination Act

The Police Service of Northern Ireland expects employees to be fit for the full range of duties.  Consideration will be given to making reasonable adjustments for candidates for whom the conditions of the Disability Discrimination Act is likely to apply.  

Complaints Procedure

We are committed to providing the highest standard of service to all our customers and have a Complaints procedure in place.