The objective of the Police Service Northern Ireland is to Keep People Safe and the PSNI Sustainability Strategy helps the organisation play a responsible role in the community, and reduce environmental impacts as we deliver a world class policing service.

Every organisation has an impact on its environment and the community. For a large organisation like the Police Service of Northern Ireland  these can be very significant over time and they affect both our local community and contribute to global effects. There are over 9000 staff travelling to and from work , 154 buildings and sites,  950 photocopier/ printers and around 3000 vehicles. An organisation of the this size consumes a significant volume of  resources such as water, energy, vehicle fuel , we create emissions, produce hazardous and non- hazardous waste, and waste water which needs to be processed.

There are legislative requirements which mean that increasingly the PSNI  must be able to identify and manage our environmental impacts, but as part of our community it is also the right thing to do and it makes sound business sense for us to manage our resources  effectively  with reducing budgets set to continue.

The PSNI Sustainability Delivery Group (SDG) has been working for some time, jointly chaired by the Director of Finance and Support Services and ACC Operational Support to identify, manage and reduce PSNI  impacts in a way that supports our business objectives ,  reduces our environmental  impact and helps reduce financial pressures.

There have been significant successes, this year PSNI achieved a Silver Award at the Arena Network Environmental Benchmarking Survey, and appointed a new Sustainability Manager. The PSNI uses social clauses in contracts so that our suppliers must offer jobs and apprenticeships to those who need them most as part of the delivery of our major contracts. The PSNI has reduced  water use year on year and by 70% since 2005, the energy used by police buildings is reducing steadily and has come down by 18% since 1999.

The PSNI Sustainability Delivery group is currently developing an Environmental Management System (EMS) to systematically manage our environmental impacts responsibly , ensure we comply with the law and help us save money.

The first step in creating an EMS is to conduct a baseline review or Initial Environmental Review (IER). The PSNI IER is now under way.

The primary purpose of the IER is to:

  • understand the environmental impacts of the PSNI;
  • identify and understand the environmental legislation which applies to the PSNI;
  • highlight areas of good practice, bad practice and any legal non-compliances;
  • understand  how the EMS could best be introduced; and
  • identify associated cost savings in resource management. 
PSNI Sustainability
  • All new police buildings are low carbon designed to minimise energy and water use. We use solar water heating panels, rain water recovery, biomass boilers and lights which switch off when not needed.
  • We believe it is important to use resources wisely and protect the environment. We have reduced the energy used in police buildings by over 18% since 1999.
  • We believe it is important to use resources wisely and protect the environment. We have reduced our water use by 70% since 2005.
  • We care about the environment and our communities. PSNI uses social clauses in contracts so that our suppliers must offer jobs and apprenticeships to those who need them most.
  • We believe it is important to use resources wisely and protect the environment. CO2 emissions of police buildings have been reduced by over 2% this year.
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The Police Service of Northern Ireland  plays an active role in the Department of Justice Sustainability Group sharing best practice with other agencies and works with  a wide  range of  governmental and non- governmental partners to enhance our sustainability and improve our initiatives including:

Business in the Community

Business in the Community is a membership organisation for companies that are committed to doing business responsibly and working together on societal issues where they can make a real difference. We help transform business and make it sustainable, for the benefit of business and the community.

The Woodland Trust


The Conservation Volunteers in Northern Ireland


Life is better with trees and the Woodland Trust is working with the PSNI  on a pilot project to plant up to 30 new trees at police head quarters in Brooklyn. Work is already underway identifying sites and staff volunteers will be invited to plant the trees donated by the Woodland Trust  in Spring 2016.