Policing with the Community Branch is a Branch within District Policing

The Branch is a small headquarters unit with responsibility for developing policy in conjunction with district and departmental colleagues in respect of quality of service, behavioural standards, section 75 equality proofing and vulnerability, community planning and crime prevention.

The unit acts as a point of contact for the PSNI with many external agencies such as DoJ, Community Safety Unit, Equality Commission, Children’s Commissioner and Older Persons’ Commissioner.

Policing with the Community Branch has particular responsibility for:

  • Behavioural Standards - Promoting a style of policing which demonstrates collaborative decision making, accountability and courtesy, fairness and respect on a daily basis in our everyday interactions with colleagues and the public be they a victim, offender, suspect, witness or bystander. This responsibility is delivered by ensuring new policies and procedures reflect these behavioural standards and by assessing compliance against these standards through quality of service assessment delivered through satisfaction surveys.
  • Reducing Vulnerability - This involves ensuring that the needs of individuals who have particular characteristics as a member of a protected grouping are recognised and attention is paid to addressing these needs when developing new policies and procedures. This particular area of responsibility dovetails with section 75 monitoring and compliance responsibilities which PWC Branch leads on for PSNI.
  • Community Planning and Engagement - PWC Branch provides central advice and guidance on Community Planning and strategic engagement for districts and departments. This advice and direction reflect international best practice and is informed by high level engagement with key individuals and partners in the community and voluntary sector and with statutory representatives.
  • Reflectiveness and Representativeness -  PWC Branch provides advice, guidance and practical support on outreach to Districts and Departments to try to improve the percentage of persons from under -represented groups working in and across PSNI in various roles and functions. Particular efforts are focused on increasing the representation of Catholics and women in the uniformed ranks.
  • Crime Prevention - PWC provides central advice and co-ordination to District Crime Prevention officers on crime prevention campaigns and crime prevention design advice 

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