Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin is the Head of Justice Branch within Legacy and Justice Department  and is responsible for Criminal Justice, Scientific Support, Protective Disclosure Unit and Information Management overseeing performance in each of these areas. Chief Superintendent Cargin engages and works with external and strategic partners and provides advice and guidance internally and externally on any of these matters. Additionally, he has responsibility for overseeing Criminal Justice performance and setting standards.

Justice Branch currently has four main areas of responsibility. Click the titles to find out more.

Criminal Justice 

Criminal Justice branch has responsibility for justice delivery, justice reform, social policy and legislation, protective disclosures, extradition & mutual assistance and HIA support.

Scientific Support 

Scientific Support Branch is part of the Legacy and Justice Department. It provides specialist and technical support to the entire Police Service across a range of disciplines.


The aim of Discipline Branch is to engender pride, trust and confidence in the integrity of the PSNI through the prevention and detection of corruption, dishonesty or unethical behaviour. 

Anti-Corruption and Vetting

The PSNI is committed to the maintenance of the highest levels of honesty and integrity and to the prevention of dishonest, unethical and unprofessional behaviour.

Keeping People Safe