Criminal Justice Branch has several functions:

Justice Delivery - This Sub-Branch includes oversight of Occurrence Case Management Teams, Public Prosecution Service Liaison and the day to day operation of police staff with the Victim and Witness Care Unit. The work supports and reduces demand on operational policing around case file preparation, supervision standards and occurrence management.

Justice Reform - This includes a number of programmes of work including streamlining justice, Victim and Witness policy, Digital Criminal Justice and Youth Justice/Restorative Justice programmes of work.

Social Policy and Legislation - The remit includes researching, developing and maintaining the PSNI policy across a number of core areas of social legislation and assisting Policing Districts regarding enforcement issues and related operations.

Protective Disclosure Unit, Extradition and Mutual Assistance and HIA Support Team – This Sub-Branch is concerned with the management and provision of information to various external bodies. This includes the Protective Disclosure Unit (formerly known as Criminal Records Office) which carries out enhanced employment vetting on behalf of all national Disclosure Agencies in line with the national Quality Assurance Framework and the HIA support team ensures an adequate PSNI response is maintained to serve the continuing wider demands of the HIA Inquiry including Public Hearings and live time enquiries.

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