Legacy Investigation Branch

Legacy Investigation Branch (LIB) is headed by Detective Chief Superintendent Bobby Singleton and is a component part of the Chief Constable’s response to his statutory obligations when it comes to dealing with the past.

Between 1 January, 1969, and 1 March, 2004, there were more than 3,200 homicides in Northern Ireland. The review of these cases and where credible evidence exists, the further investigation of them, is the responsibility of LIB. The cases are managed and progressed by detectives using a Case Sequencing Model which takes a number of factors into consideration.

Legacy Investigation Branch

Legacy Investigation Branch has four overarching strategic objectives all of which are ultimately focused on keeping people safe today through detecting offenders, preventing crime and protecting communities. They are: 

  • Review and Investigate - our commitments to detecting offenders
  • Record and Communicate - our commitments to preventing crime
  • Identify and Cooperate - our commitments to protecting communities
  • Manage and Engage - our commitments to efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy

 LIB engages with families to provide information about its work and also cooperates with other statutory bodies. 

Keeping People Safe