Police College NI is responsible for the delivery of all PSNI training and development. The Police College’s focus is to develop and inspire resourceful and flexible police officers and police staff who:

Consistently demonstrate Policing with the Community behaviours;

Are accountable, keeping people safe by preventing harm, protecting the vulnerable and detecting offenders whilst upholding human rights and treating all with fairness, courtesy and respect;

Are collaborative, dynamic and responsive to meet the changing needs of communities in Northern Ireland.

Life in the Police College - Student Officer Insights

Hear from some of our current Student Officers and Probationary Constables on their experinces and why they wanted to join the police service.

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Foundation Faculty

The Foundation faculty supports the development of student officers and probationary constables to maximise the potential of every officer within the first 2 years of service.  All training is operationally relevant providing student officers with the understanding, knowledge and skills required of a Police Constable.

The first stage of foundation training is the 21 week student officer development programme which incorporates a range of classroom teaching, practical exercises and assessment.  The programme develops and inspires student officers to become resourceful and flexible police officers who consistently demonstrate policing with the community behaviours.

The attestation ceremony marks the successful completion of the student officer development programme.  The newly attested probationary constables then join their policing districts continue their learning and development through their probationary period supported by the probationer officer development programme.

The probationer development programme consolidates and enhances knowledge and skills gained during the student officer development programme with operational experience of policing with communities in Districts.  Probationary Constables receive mentoring and supportive supervision to ensure development of operational competence within Local Policing Teams (LPTs). 

On successful completion of this period probationary officers can be recommended for confirmation in the rank of Constable.

Leadership Faculty 

Our People Strategy 2025 promotes the ethos that we are ‘Leaders at all Levels’, and the Leadership Development Faculty provide Learning and Development opportunities for ‘Our People’ throughout their leadership journey. 

We run a range of programmes from the nationally delivered Senior Leaders Development Programme, to tailored courses designed in-house by skilled practitioners, to online learning and virtual masterclasses. 

The College of Policing ‘Senior Leaders Development Programme’ is provided to senior colleagues at Deputy Principal grade and Chief Inspector rank and above. The Leadership Development Programme is a bespoke programme which focuses on how effective management and leadership impacts on performance, team effectiveness, engagement and increased wellbeing. Participants gain understanding of how their own leadership style and personality preference can impact on their performance as a leader.

Our accredited practitioners use Insights Discovery to increase self-awareness and help our people perform at their highest level. This approach promotes effective relationships at work, by improving communication, decreasing conflict, and leaving more time to get the job done.
To support a Coaching Culture, we offer a two day Leader as Coach Workshop, which is accredited by the Association of Coaching. We also design and run bespoke Mentoring Programmes for the organisation. Our Leaders at all Levels Masterclass Series uses virtual and interactive platforms, to provide learning on a vast range of subjects such as Wellbeing, Practical Skills, Risk, Diversity and External Learning to name a few.

Through our excellent relationships with Academic Institutes
and Statutory Partners, we offer colleagues the opportunity to study for a range of qualifications, such as a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership.

Crime Training 

Crime Training delivers a range of nationally accredited and local courses to assist officers in the learning and development of their investigation skills. This includes a full range of national detective courses from new to role Detective Constables to PIP Level 3 SIO’s at Detective Superintendent and specialist investigators courses for those Detectives dealing with serious sexual crime.  Crime training also delivers courses in specialist interviewing techniques for dealing with victims, witnesses and suspects. Other courses have been designed to provide bespoke training in line with the specific requirements of various departments within PSNI. Ultimately, it is the role of Crime Training to equip officers with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage crime investigations.

Tactical Training Faculty

Tactical Training Faculty delivers training in operational & non-operational Firearms, Armed Response, Tactical Firearms, Boats, Close Protection, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear), Public Order, Dogs, First Aid, Search and Traffic & Driver Training.

Expertise in this area of training has been forged over years of policing Northern Ireland’s unique landscape. This experience helps place us at the at the forefront of operational training at both a national and international level, able to provide unique and pioneering training. Due to this experience Tactical Training Faculty provides training to police in both Great Britain and Republic of Ireland as well other services worldwide.


Learning Technologies Faculty  

Learning Technologies Faculty delivers a wide range of technology focused training in three main areas:

Immersive Learning – This team develops and supports of immersive learning exercises at PSNI's two Hydra suites and the production of other audio / visual training material.  Hydra exercises are currently receiving excellent feedback within the Student Officer Development Programme and Probationer Development Programmes and are also used widely by other College specialisms such as Investigative Training, Leadership and Tactical Training and for other District and Multi Agency exercises. 

E-Learning - This team designs, develops and manages all PSNI's courses delivered via Desktop Computers, Laptop and Mobile devices. Our “Classis” Learning Management System currently supports the delivery of various Training Programmes across the organisation. 

Information and Communication Training - This team delivers ICT training that covers a range of Police Information Systems, Radios and mobile devices. The training team works closely with college faculties and various police departments to ensure timely training delivery and support.

Location and Contact Details

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