Life in the Police College - Student Officer Insights

Hear from some of our current Student Officers as they share their story on why they wanted to join the police and what their experience has been like so far in the Police College.

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"Some aspects of the training have been challenging, but it’s been encouraging to see that you’re not alone in this job. We work together as a team to support each other.” “Being in the Police College has been great. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my colleagues and building up that team bond - I know I have made friends for life.”
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“I know there are lots of opportunities for progression within the Police Service, but initially, I just want to get to know the community I am working in, build relationships in the area and make a difference.” “After graduating with a degree in Geography, I then started to work in the energy sector. However, I was already thinking about doing something more rewarding and then I noticed the Police were recruiting.”
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“Prior to joining the Police I attained a degree in Psychology and Criminology and then I worked a nine to five desk job. I quickly realised that this really wasn't for me.” "I love the practical side of training, particularly the role plays as they gave us the most realistic representation of what policing is really like.”
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“I'm very excited for the career I have ahead of me. From my previous experience with Women’s Aid, I see myself specialising in Public Protection.”  
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From College To Constable

Follow some of our current Student Officers' journeys in the Police College.

Road Policing Practical Assessment

Advanced Diploma in Policing

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Find out more about Road Policing Practical Assessment from some of our Student Officers.

Learn more about the Advanced Diploma in Policing.
Investigative Skills Development Day Neighbourhood Policing Week

Learn more about our Student Officers' experiences during the Investigative Skills Development Day. Learn more about our Student Trainers experiences in Neighbourhood Policing and how this helps develop Student Officers' learning. 
Learn more about Fitness Sessions at the College from our Student Officers. Learn more about Problem Solving Development Practicals from our Student Officers at the college.


Operational Day

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“This exercise helped us prepare to transition from Student Officer to Probationary Officer.”

Operational Day encourages students to apply the knowledge they’ve learnt in the classroom to a variety of scenarios. Read one of our student’s experience below.

“Operational Day was a challenging but exciting experience as we didn’t know what calls we would be tasked to complete.

From drug dealing to theft, we worked through a variety of scenarios and the role-play actors were brilliant as they made each incident extremely realistic. I felt this exercise helped us prepare to transition from Student Officer to Probationary Officer.

If you are interested in a career in the PSNI or you’ve just started the Police College, Operational Day is definitely a training day to look forward to!”

Why I Joined

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"I decided last year that since my children were grown up I would see if I could fulfil my original ambition and decided to apply."

After working in hospitality for over ten years, one of our current Student Officers decided to apply to the police. Read her story below.

“I am 51 years old, married for 25 years and have two grown up children. I have lived in County Antrim all of my life and my work background was mainly in the motor industry although I spent the last ten years in hospitality. I had wanted to join the Police Service many years ago, but my life took a different path and I never did. I decided last year that since my children were grown up I would see if I could fulfil my original ambition and decided to apply. Much to my surprise I was accepted and I started my training in August.

Hopefully the training plan will equip me with the necessary skills to be a competent team member of the PSNI. I also hope that it will provide me with skills that I can use in my life outside of the PSNI. I want to push myself and not just accept where I am currently.

I have found the first few weeks very intense, but also extremely interesting, I am really enjoying it. I have enjoyed meeting so many new people from various backgrounds and have found everyone to be very helpful and encouraging. I believe that as the weeks go by I will feel more at home and able to deal with the pressures involved as things become more second nature and hopefully not so daunting.”