The key role of OSD Business Services is to Keep People Safe by supporting Operational service delivery.

 This is achieved by the effective management of resources through development, planning, evaluation and analysis mechanisms that deliver effective budget and financial management. From providing financial support and advice to Branch Heads on issues such as budget management, risk and responsibility, to everyday matters such as uniform, travel and general purchasing queries, to dealing with Health & Safety, security and accommodation issues across 3 major PSNI sites.

The austere economic climate has resulted in cuts in public sector spending across the UK and the PSNI has not escaped the knife. As the impact of these cuts is felt across the organisation, at each opportunity OSD Business Services staff understand that every contact - both internally and externally - can impact on overall confidence in policing and the Chief Constable’s vision of Keeping People Safe.

It is therefore important that we build trust and develop a personal relationship externally with members of the public and internally with all colleagues. The following examples provide a brief insight into some of the more visible areas of Business Services and their contribution to Policing with the Community.


RADAR started with a brilliant idea to a difficult issue.  The issue was how do we help children and young people keep themselves safe.  The idea involved radically changing how safety and life skills education is delivered for children and young people in Northern Ireland.  By bringing this type of education crashing into the 21st century, RADAR has evolved and has now arrived!

In our early days we were focused on road and fire safety with PSNI and NIFRS.  Our journey highlighted a number of other risks faced by young people every day.  As our list of learning zones increased, so did our partners.  Today we are very proud of an active and effective partnership, spanning more than 50 organisations and individuals.  We have partners from the public, private and community/voluntary sectors.  For more information on our partners, please check out our partner page (can be hyperlinked to new site).

RADAR…. the Centre

After a long search we found our building.  Located in Sydenham Industrial Estate in Belfast we have an amazing purpose designed “indoor village”.  Starting with a shell in 2014 our contractors have created a Centre that needs to be seen to be believed.  So how did we get from this (image) to this (image).  Watch this video (link to Story so Far video) to see how and enjoy some of the key moments during the construction phase.

RADAR…. why prevention is better than cure?

We all know that prevention is better than cure.  Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”.  At RADAR we believe that the best preventative tool we have is education.  But it’s not only the best, it’s also the cheapest!  One recent report identified that a “business as usual” approach to addressing social issues had a £4 trillion price tag over 20 years because the UK simply is not investing enough in prevention.

When we consider that the projected social return on investment (SROI) for a centre such as RADAR is estimated to be £4.60 for every £1 invested.  This means that for every pound invested in RADAR, society sees benefits four times that amount.  Our centre has costs £1.8m so just imagine the impact we will have on our society, and in our communities.

RADAR….. the future

Once our doors open in January 2016 we will be evaluating all our visitors.  Check back regularly for updates on our progress.


Prevention Education Intervention.jpg
Time to Read

OSD staff participate in excellent community initiatives such as the “Time to Read” programme. 

The below text is from a recent scheme.

From April 2015 I have been lucky to represent Operational Support Department in a wonderful opportunity working in partnership with Business in the Community Northern Ireland and a local school on a “Time to Read” programme.

Through spending an hour each week reading individually with four P3 pupils I have shown them that it is an enjoyable activity and have helped them build confidence and self-esteem.

The children love that they can choose their book and enjoy discussing them with me throughout the reading session.

The children look upon me as their “special mentor” and look up to me as a positive role model.

It is a thoroughly worthwhile experience and I look forward to commencing again this school year.