Operation Tutelage

You may have received a letter from the PSNI about your motor vehicle.

The letter is not a notice of prosecution, but for your information so that you can satisfy yourself that there is valid insurance on your vehicle before continuing to use it on the road, as it was used in Northern Ireland on the date shown on the letter. 

There are a number of reasons why a vehicle may show on the Motor Insurance Database as holding no insurance.  These can include administrative errors, incorrect registration numbers held on certificates, late payments, cancelled or voided policies or because there is no policy in force.

Another common reason can be that you may have just purchased new insurance, which has not yet been entered on to the Motor Insurance Database. Each insurance company will have different service level agreements on how long it takes to update the database. You may of course check the Motor Insurance Database by going to www.askmid.com

It is possible this is an administration error, and we would urge you to contact your insurance company at your earliest convenience to check they hold the correct details for you and your vehicle.

If a vehicle is stopped by the police on a road or public place without a valid policy of insurance it can be seized under Article 180B of the Road Traffic (NI) Order 1981.  The vehicle would not then be released until a valid policy of insurance is produced and a release fee paid (Including the recovery fee and storage charges). After 14 days the vehicle will be disposed of to recover the costs of recovery.

Furthermore the offence can carry 6 to 8 penalty points at a Magistrates Court with the option of a discretionary disqualification and an unlimited fine.  If the offence is dealt with at the roadside by way of fixed penalty, this carries a fine of £200 and six penalty points.

Where a vehicle is continually used on the roads without a valid policy of insurance, it will be subject of further attention and ultimately enforcement by our department.

If you are no longer the registered keeper of this vehicle, please ensure you have notified the DVLA in writing to this effect in order that they can update their records.

Once you have clarified the position in relation to your insurance you do not need to make contact with us.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via email at tutelage@psni.pnn.police.uk  - with your vehicle registration mark.