The Tactical Support Group (TSG) sits within Operations Branch.

TSG officers are trained in a range of specialist tactics and deliver a highly versatile mobile resource supporting District Policing colleagues across all of Northern Ireland.

TSG provides uniformed support to investigative departments including Organised Crime Branch, Major Investigation Teams and CID. TSG regularly supports partner agencies including the National Crime Agency, HM Revenue & Customs, and UK Border Agency.

Core TSG functions include public order, search, method of entry, counter terrorism and crime reduction, community safety, response to major crime scenes and a surveillance capability.  TSG also provides specialist support to maritime and roads policing operations.

TSG specialist skills include:

  • Specialist Search Teams – support the investigation of serious crime including murder and terrorism; prepare for VIP visits; respond to reports of missing persons.

 Specialist Search Teams

  • Police Search Advisors (PolSA) – plan, manage, and advise on all search activity conducted by PSNI in relation to murder, counter terrorism, serious crime, and missing persons
  • Method of Entry –officers are trained to use specialist tools and equipment to gain entry to premises in support of search operations or to reach vulnerable people.

TSG Entry

  • Specialist Counter Terrorist / Anti-Crime Patrols – these patrols are intelligence led and provide hi-visibility security in areas of specific threat. The patrols support operational colleagues including Neighbourhood and Local Policing Teams.
  • Marine Response –TSG coxwains crew four rigid-hulled inflatable boats. These are used to support sea, river and inland water operations, including search, counter terrorism and missing person investigations.  TSG coxwains also support major policing operations including VIP visits and maritime festivals.
  • Enhanced Medical Aid – TSG officers are trained to provide an enhanced level of first aid and trauma care.
  • High Risk Escorts – The movement of high risk and high value consignments (including explosives, munitions, cash, and persons) is conducted by TSG officers.
  • CBRN – TSG officers are trained to respond to Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear incidents using specialist protective clothing and equipment.

Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear incident

  • Close Protection – some TSG officers are trained to support the Close Protection Unit.
  • Roads Policing – some TSG officers are trained to support the Roads Policing Unit.
  • Mutual Aid – on request TSG provides Specialist Mutual Aid to other UK Police Services.
  • Public Order – TSG officers are trained to the highest national standard in public order policing (Level 1).  TSG supports the policing of large public events and responds to incidents of public disorder.  TSG also supports public safety by patrolling interfaces and the night time economy.

TSG - Public Order Officers

In a one week period, TSG will conduct:

  • 29 searches,
  • 62 prisoner/explosive escorts
  • 4 anti-terrorism patrols.
  • We will also attend 9 public order incidents and 19 large events/parades. 

Specialist Search Team

Specialist Search Team