PSNI Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are used in various types of patrol cars, Roads Policing patrol cars, as well as at dedicated fixed sites.

ANPR works by scanning vehicle registrations and checking them against information stored in databases to identify vehicles of interest such as stolen vehicles, vehicles with no insurance, other motoring offences or those involved in crimes.  This technology coupled with immediate follow up police action will assist police to enforce the law, prevent crime and contribute to road safety.  It is an invaluable tool in assisting with crime reduction measures. The technology will also assist casualty reduction by removing unsafe vehicles and drivers from our roads.

The cameras are designed to promote and protect the safety of everyone in the community.  Police will use the cameras to discharge their obligations to protect life, to prevent and detect crime and to proactively ensure road safety.

The cameras will make a valuable contribution in four key areas:

  • Enforcing the law
  • Promoting road safety
  • Investigating accidents
  • Patrolling roads

They will also contribute to PSNI's aims in reducing road user related crime, providing a safer environment for all communities. The cameras can be static or mobile and are focused purely on vehicular traffic.

PSNI have installed these cameras in line with core policing objectives to enhance our ability to successfully deliver on the aims agreed within the Annual Policing Plan (2016 - 2017).

ANPR cameras are not used in Northern Ireland to catch speeding or otherwise law-abiding motorists. ANPR cameras are not used to generate money for the government or other agencies.

The use of ANPR by PSNI fully complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Human Rights Act 1998.

PSNI, along with other police forces around the country, make use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to prevent and detect crime, and to prosecute criminals.



ANPR supports the police to:

  • Disrupt criminal use of motor vehicles
  • Locate and recover stolen vehicles
  • Prevent and detect crime
  • Arrest offenders
  • Identify and prosecute offenders using illegal, un-insured and un-taxed vehicles