Victim Satisfaction Survey

This information is for the benefit of victims of crime who have been contacted by the Police Service of Northern Ireland to take part in a survey, namely the Victim Satisfaction Survey.

Why do we survey victims?

The Police Service of Northern Ireland are committed to gaining input from you via enabled feedback/surveys to help us understand the needs of the public and whether we are meeting their expectations around how the PwC behaviours are exhibited as well as providing a measurement for performance indicator ‘Level of Confidence in policing’ within the Policing Plan.

Asking victims about the service they received means we can find ways of improving the service that we provide and adapting our approach to suit the needs of the community.

How do we decide whom to contact?

All victims of crime may be contacted however exclusions that applied to the previous surveys, i.e. where the incident was of a sensitive or serious nature, will continue to apply.  The intention would be to invite all eligible participants to maximise responses

How do we contact victims?

Invites to participate will be sent to mobile phone numbers provided by the victim during initial contact with police.

The satisfaction monitoring will be conducted by way of Short Message Service (SMS) victim satisfaction survey.  

A text will be sent inviting the person to participate and if they respond then a number of questions will be sent in sequence as individual messages.

Who conducts the survey?

The PSNI employ an independent approved research company to act on our behalf (Esendex Limited). We are confident in allowing them to contact victims for us. The survey company operates under strict controls of confidentiality and all data is used for the purposes of our research only.

Are my details safe and my comments confidential?

We would like to take this opportunity to reassure you that confidentiality is paramount and suitable controls are in place to ensure your personal information is protected. The sole purpose of our sharing your contact details with the survey company is to improve the service received and improved public Confidence in policing. The information passed to the survey company is the minimum required to conduct the surveys; this data can only be used by the company for the purpose of conducting surveys and any future re-use is not permitted.

Do I have to complete the survey?

The survey is voluntary. You will be asked if you wish to participate is the survey “Yes” or “No”.

Will I be charged for the texts in this survey?

The survey is free of charge including if sent from Republic of Ireland.

Can I opt out of this survey?

If you do not want to take part in any further surveys or other feedback research for us, please contact us on (Please include your current mobile phone number). You will be added to a list to ensure that you are excluded from future Victim Satisfaction surveys.

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