The Police have to make sure that the Human Rights of children and young people are upheld when they deal with you as a victim, witness or if you get into trouble.

PSNI Children and Young People’s Strategy

As a police service we recognise the importance of acknowledging the differing needs of all members of our diverse society, including those of our children and young people. It is essential that younger generations know that we are their police service, that we actively want to understand their needs and that we are here to help.

We have developed our Children and Young People’s Strategy to ensure there is clear understanding within PSNI of the unique requirements of children and young people from a policing perspective, and to convey to younger people themselves that we take their issues seriously and that we are committed to working with them to build positive, trusting relationships.

In working with our partners we identified five key areas of focus and these are addressed in our Strategy:

  • Engagement
  • Safety and protection
  • Offending
  • Victims and witnesses
  • Stop and search

The protection of children and young people is enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and in the development and implementation of this Strategy we are demonstrating our commitment to playing our part in giving them a voice, increasing their understanding of policing issues and giving them confidence in their police service.



Download our Youth Strategy.