Neighbourhood Police in South Belfast have launched a creative new anti-burglary initiative to help residents make their homes more secure and protect their property.

The ‘Burglar? Don’t Bother’ campaign will see officers visit homes across South Belfast, encouraging residents to lock up, store valuables securely and carry out traceable property marking.

Police will also work with local pawn broking businesses to raise awareness of attempts to sell on stolen property, encouraging them to look for property that is marked and to report any suspicious activity.

Sergeant Cherith Adair explained: “We do not want any of our South Belfast residents to fall victim to burglars and as such we are undertaking this innovative operation to help people protect their homes and property, sending a clear message to criminals that there is no opportunity for burglary here. Burglary is a very personal, intrusive crime and victims feel invaded, shocked and vulnerable.

“Neighbourhood Police will be visiting homes over the next few weeks to share security advice with our residents, encourage them to property mark valuables and ask them to display our ‘Burglar? Don’t Bother’ stickers. The stickers will be displayed to show homes are security aware and have taken progressive steps to protect their property.

“We are also working closely with local pawn broking businesses and vendors to reduce the chance of stolen property coming through their business undetected.

“Our message is clear to any opportunistic criminals – Burglar? Don’t bother!”

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