Businesses urged to review security to keep burglars out
Businesses urged to review security to keep burglars out

Police in Derry City & Strabane are urging business owners to review their security measures to prevent burglaries.  

The crime prevention appeal follows recent reports of attempted burglary and burglary at city centre commercial premises. 

“Money has been stolen and premises have been damaged causing, in some cases, significant financial cost. Businesses are left counting the cost, as well as having to deal with the sense of intrusion and fear caused by this type of crime,” says Chief Inspector Yvonne McManus. 

Police, alongside detectives from Strand Road Criminal Investigation Division, are working to identify trends and patterns involved in these reports to focus proactive work and direct patrols, and detect offenders, as well as providing businesses with crime prevention advice.

Crime Prevention Advice

Chief Inspector McManus says: “Our appeal to business owners is to take the time to review security to protect your premises from criminals. Don't make it easy for criminals to target your business. If there are any gaps or vulnerabilities, address them immediately.

“Check CCTV and alarms are working, check locks are secure, post signs on your premises that no cash is kept there overnight. Making this a habit and taking the time to do this regularly makes it harder for burglars by slowing them down, deterring and preventing them. All it takes is a few minutes for a burglar to take advantage of an unlocked door or window. With increasing costs and demands, the last thing any business owner wants to have to deal with is the cost of a burglary.

“We also need businesses to report incidents of burglary or attempted burglary. That way we can identify trends or hotspots and direct resources accordingly.”


Chief Inspector McManus has this appeal for the public.

“We’re urging anyone who sees any suspicious activity at unusual times, for example during the night or in early hours of the morning, to report it," says Chief Inspector McManus adding: "The quicker we hear about something that just doesn’t seem right, the faster we can act. We have caught burglars in the act because of information provided by the public.

“Businesses that don’t operate over the weekend, or are based in an industrial estate on the outskirts of towns or cities, can be more vulnerable. Therefore, ensure you are making best use of alarm systems, CCTV and other measures to secure your premises. We have lots of information on our website ( and crime prevention and neighbourhood officers are available to provide further assistance by calling 101.”