Caoimhe Morgan


Taylor McIlvenna appeared before Belfast Crown Court today, 29 May, in connection with the murder of Caoimhe Morgan in north Belfast in 2021.

McIlvenna, aged 32, was handed a life sentence in January after pleading guilty to murder.  Today, he was told he will serve a minimum of 17 years in prison. 

Detective Superintendent Darren McCartney said: “Caoimhe Morgan was just 30 years old when her life was so viciously taken.  

“The young woman’s lifeless body was discovered in her home in the north Belfast area of the city on the morning of Saturday 18 December, the week before Christmas, in 2021. 

“She had sustained multiple injuries to the front and back of her head, which a post mortem examination revealed had been caused by blunt force trauma.

“Caoimhe was murdered by Taylor McIlvenna in a senseless and shocking act of violence.  This was an attack, in her own home, that took her life and changed the lives of others forever.  Four young children have been left without their loving mother.  Heartbreakingly, one of the little ones was found at the scene trying to comfort his mother’s lifeless body.  This is distressing beyond words.”     


The hallway

Inside Caoimhe Morgan's home in north Belfast where her body was discovered.

The interior

Detective Superintendent McCartney continued: “This was a vicious and frenzied unprovoked assault during which McIlvenna struck the victim repeatedly, ultimately causing her death.

“Following her murder, he used the victim’s phone to send a series of texts to her family members, pretending to be the victim in an attempt to cover his tracks.

He added: “I would like to thank the local community for their assistance and support.  The evidence they provided has been vital to our investigation, leading to the conviction of the defendant.  

“Working in partnership with the Public Prosecution Service, McIlvenna has now been held accountable for this most brutal and irreversible act, and will have time to reflect upon his actions in prison.

“The sorrow and heartache of Caoimhe’s family and friends won’t end with today’s sentencing.  Nothing I can say will take away their pain, and I can only extend my sincere sympathy, and indeed those of every single person involved in this investigation to the children and wider family.”

Detective Superintendent McCartney went on to make an appeal to anyone who may be trapped in an abusive relationship. 

He continued: “Domestic abuse is not just physical. It can take many forms, including emotional abuse.

“We know that victims can feel vulnerable, and we’ve sadly seen, in this case, abuse can fatally escalate.

“I am keen to encourage any victims of abuse to come forward.  We will listen to you and we will treat you with total respect and sensitivity. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

“Please contact us on 101, or in an emergency call 999.”

For further information, including details of organisations who can help, visit the Police Service’s website