Welcoming the reduction of the Northern Ireland related terrorism threat level, Chief Constable Simon Byrne said: “Today, we welcome the reduction of the threat level from severe to substantial. The independent assessment means the threat has moved from an attack is ‘highly likely’, to ‘likely’.

“This is significant as it signals a success in the long-term efforts made by police officers and staff, our partners, and in particular the community, in achieving the kind of society that we all want and deserve.

“The successes that we have achieved over recent years, in preventing attacks, investigating and pursuing groups including the New IRA has brought us to where we are today.

“Unfortunately, there is still a small group of people within our society who are intent on causing harm and dragging Northern Ireland back to the past. We will continue to pursue those individuals and bring them before the courts.

“The public won’t see an immediate change in how we deliver policing and our priority will remain the same, to deliver a visible, accessible and responsive community focused policing service to keep people safe.”