Following her conviction by the Crown Court on 7 April 2022 for Fraud by Abuse of Position and Theft, the Confiscation/Compensation case relating to Nuala McLaughlin was concluded on November 10 at Antrim Crown Court with a criminal benefit amount of £119,779.88 and a Realisable sum of £79,045.98.

The case related to a criminal investigation by the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s Crime Investigation Branch (CIB) Antrim in relation to Fraud by Abuse of Position at Antrim Enterprise Ltd (Charity) during the period July 2013 to December 2019. 

Ms McLaughlin was a Finance Officer and Business Development Officer for Antrim Enterprise Ltd and during this period it was identified that she had stolen a total of £100,656. 

Compliance Orders have been granted directing her to have all payments made within 30 days.

Antrim Enterprise Ltd have indicated that they did not believe they would have had the majority of the fraud returned to them and can now use the money, which was critical to their future, to further develop their charity causes. 

Antrim CIB working with Economic Crime Unit carried out a detailed investigation identifying the loss to Antrim Enterprise Ltd which was the basis of the Confiscation/Compensation case.