Four men have today, Monday 26th February, been sentenced for a series of ATM thefts in the County Antrim area over four years ago.

The investigation relates to a number of ATM thefts between 27th October 2018 and 6th December 2019, including the theft of two cash machines at a supermarket on Castle Way in Antrim.

At a sitting in Antrim Crown Court, Kenneth Clarke, aged 32, was sentenced to five years and eight months for conspiracy to steal, commit criminal damage and arson.

Jamie McConnell, aged 31, was sentenced to three years and six months for conspiracy to steal, commit criminal damage and arson.

Gary Kincaid, aged 36, was sentenced to 11 months for assisting or encouraging offenders.

David McClurkin, aged 39, was sentenced to a combination supervision order consisting of 60 hours of community service and two years on probation for assisting or encouraging offenders.

All of the custodial sentences will be served half in custody and half on licence.

Detective Sergeant Gardiner said:  “During the early hours of Friday, 6th December 2019 police received a report that a digger had been used to steal an ATM unit housing two cash machines at a supermarket on Castle Way. The digger used was subsequently set on fire.

“The ATM unit was successfully recovered by officers just a few miles away that same morning in the Birch Hill Road area of the town.

“Clarke, McConnell, Kincaid and McClurkin were arrested by investigating officers just days after the report, and subsequently charged with varying offences.  All four had already entered a guilty plea prior to today’s sentencings in court.”  

Detective Sergeant Gardiner continued: “ATM thefts undoubtedly have an untold devastating impact on local communities who are dependent on them day-to-day, as well as the business community.

“However, the fact that four men have appeared before court today shows that anyone involved in such crimes will be held accountable for the actions they choose to commit.

“As a Police Service we rely upon the help of the public.  Your support could make all the difference. If you see or hear anything that doesn’t seem quite right, for example, if you see vehicles or people loitering in areas close to ATMs, when shops are closed, call us straight away on 101.”