Don't give away personal information to someone you don't know
Don't give away personal information to someone you don't know

Police are urging the public to be vigilant following a report of a scam in which criminals targeted a bank customer in west Belfast, resulting in the victim being swindled out of thousands of pounds.

Local policing Chief Inspector for west Belfast, Claire Hamilton, said: “On Tuesday, 5th June we received a report from a member of the public who had been contacted by a person claiming to be phoning from their bank.

“This person advised that there had been fraudulent activity on the victim’s banking account and asked them what appeared to be security questions, and to provide their online banking PIN.

“With this information, the criminal was able to access personal financial details to allow them to enter the bank account and fraudulently remove the money.

“Police enquiries into this report remain ongoing and we would appeal to anyone who believes they have been targeted in this way recently, but have not reported it, to do so now to police, to their bank and to Action Fraud.

“This type of financial crime causes a huge amount of distress and worry for the victim.

“Criminals will use every trick in the book to steal your money, and constantly change how they present their scam to lure people in.

“Our advice is that you should never disclose your personal or financial details over the phone, in person, or by email, to someone you don't know. Guarding your personal and banking details is essential.”

Stop. Check. Report.

The best way to fight scams and not lose money is to Stop. Check. Report.

Stop - Before you transfer money or disclose any personal details to anyone you do not know. Do not feel rushed or pressured by timelines - genuine callers will always give you time to consider your options.

Check - Check and verify who you are communicating with using a trusted source. Take time to verify callers on another phone line where possible and check images via an image search. If you are in any doubt do not transfer any money or goods.

Report - If you have been a victim of a scam, report it to police online at or call on 101, to your bank immediately, online at or call 0300 123 2040. You can also forward scam texts to 7726.

Information and advice is also available at or the ScamwiseNI Facebook page @scamwiseni