Officers from the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s International Policing Unit, working with officers from Poland Police, have extradited a man, aged in his 30s, to Poland today, Wednesday 28th June.

He will now serve a prison sentence in Poland for convictions relating to being part of an organised crime group and fraud.

The man was arrested in Coleraine in November 2022 on an international arrest warrant and has been detained in prison in Northern Ireland until this extradition.

Sergeant Davey from the International Policing Unit said: “This is another example showing our continued determination and commitment to work with International Law Enforcement partners to track down wanted persons and bring offenders to justice.

“Our message is clear. Northern Ireland is not a safe haven for any wanted persons trying to avoid arrest and the consequences of their previous actions. We will relentlessly pursue those that are trying to delay or deny justice to victims of crime.”