Belfast Magistrates' Court has awarded the forfeiture of £16,100 in favour of the Police Service of Northern Ireland on Thursday, 20th April as a result of a Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) proceeds of crime investigation.

The money was seized by PCTF officers following the search of a caravan in Millisle on 22nd October 2019, as part of an ongoing investigation into suspected criminality of West Belfast UDA.

Detective Inspector Corrigan said: “The amount of cash forfeited shows the PCTF’s ongoing commitment to pursuing proceeds of crime generated from the criminal activities of paramilitary groups."

The Paramilitary Crime Task Force is a multi-agency task force set up in Northern Ireland to protect communities by tackling all forms of criminality linked to paramilitarism.  It consists of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, the National Crime Agency and HM Revenue & Customs.