Officers from the Paramilitary Crime Task Force have welcomed the sentencing of 37 year old Mohamed Kouki today, Tuesday, 25 May at Bishop Street, court, Derry/Londonderry.

Mohamed Kouki was sentenced the following offences:

Possession of ammunition in suspicious circumstances – Sentenced to 2 years – half custodial and half on licence (concurrent)

Possession of class B controlled drugs with intent – Sentenced to 2 years – half custodial and half on licence (concurrent)

He was also:-

Fined £200 for Possession class B controlled drugs

Fined £100 for possession of criminal property

Forfeiture for criminal property to be donated to Charity

Detective Inspector Kerry Brennan of the Paramilitary Crime Task Force (PCTF) said: “In July Kouki was pushing his push bike in Derry/Londonderry when he was stopped by police. A quantity of white powder and drugs paraphernalia were seized. He was arrested and a search of his rucksack revealed a quantity of ammunition.

“Two searches of properties in the Derry/Londonderry area were also carried out with a quantity of cannabis being seized at one of the properties

“Today Mohamed Kouki is paying the price for his criminality. Ammunition and drugs, both of which had the potential to cause harm or death have been taken off our streets.”

Detective Inspector Brennan continued: “Be under no illusion those who peddle their poison on our streets do not care what harm and utter devastation they cause. All they want is to make money by whatever means they can. They prey on the most vulnerable in our communities, using fear and intimidation, callously exploiting peoples’ vulnerabilities in the most despicable ways possible.

“The money they take from people who may be struggling financially, is used to line their own pockets and feed their own greedy needs. They may also use this money to buy ammunition and weapons to cause even more fear and agony in everyone’s lives.

“There is no place for people like this in our society. We cannot let them rob people of their futures, families of their loved ones or deprive our society from people who have a lot to offer the world we all live in.

“Drug dealers remain a priority for the Paramilitary Crime Task Force due to the Human Rights abuses they carry in their local communities. There is no glory in what they do.

“We will tirelessly work with our partners and communities in Derry/Londonderry to tackle the scourge of criminals who are continually trying to flood their own towns with drugs, who seek to take control of peoples’ lives. Together we can tackle this.

“I know the people of Derry/Londonderry do not want this and I would encourage anyone with information that could assist in our efforts to contact us on the non-emergency number 101, or submit a report online using our non-emergency reporting form via You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at”

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