As part of Online Awarness month we are looking at some of the things our cyber-crime team look at.

It is very easy for young people to become involved in cyber-crime and many will do so unwittingly thinking they are just joking about. The ever growing reliance on virtual technology in 2020 has heightened this risk.

A recent example followed a complaint received from a local College resulting in our Cyber Crime Centre launching an investigation into unauthorised access of an on-line staff meeting. The perpetrator was identified as a student. Once the investigation had preserved the available evidence, it was determined that the matter was suitable to be resolved by way of a Cease and Desist notice. A Cease and Desist notice is a voluntary intervention which presents an opportunity for a young person to learn and offers a second chance. During a meeting the PSNI Prevent Officer explained how actions were contrary to Computer Misuse Act 1990, the likely consequences if they were to offend further, and importantly, what pathways are available to the young person if they wanted to pursue a career in the Cyber Industry.

The individual reached out and requested assistance as they felt that they were on the wrong educational pathway. Having taken on board advice from the PSNI Prevent Officer they are now on the correct educational pathway.

So please be wary about what you do online as something that may seem as fun at the time may have consequences down the line.


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