Over Monday night into the early hours of this morning (Tuesday, 6th April) police attended a number of house parties in the Holyland area of south Belfast area.

Officers issued a total of 94 Cov4 and 11 Cov2 notices, arrested three people, reported four people to the Public Prosecution Service and issued one Community Resolution Notice.

Chief Inspector Gavin Kirkpatrick said: “We received a number of reports throughout yesterday afternoon, last night and into the early hours of this morning of anti-social behaviour in the Holylands area. Officers attended on a number of occasions to disperse various groups of people.

“Police would encourage residents to continue to report issues of anti-social behaviour to them. While local officers will be making follow-up enquiries, it is disappointing that we continue to receive reports about noisy parties and anti-social behaviour in this residential area.

“In light of last night’s events police are currently in the Holylands and will continue to have a nightly policing operation in this area this week. Local residents should be respected and should not have to contend with this type of behaviour."