The Police Service of Northern Ireland has expressed sympathy to the family of Joe Clarke. Mr Clarke was one of the men collectively known as the ‘Hooded Men’.

Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Saunders, Head of  Legacy Investigation & Disclosure Branch said: “The Police Service has written to a number of individuals, including the late Mr Clarke, and the next of kin of deceased individuals of the ‘Hooded Men’.

“In this letter, we have acknowledged the findings of the United Kingdom Supreme Court that, by today’s standards, the treatment of these men at that time would likely be characterised as torture.   

“The Police Service of Northern Ireland has formally apologised for the actions and omissions of police officers involved in their treatment whilst in police custody in 1971.

“The Police Service recognise the significant step taken today in issuing this apology.  It is our view that this was the right thing to do to help give the ‘Hooded Men’ and their families recognition about how they were treated.”